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Will 'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Hoechlin Be the New Batman? And Will He Battle Lex Luthor and the Joker?

When Warner Bros. cast Henry Cavill as Man of Steel's Superman, the studio went with a relatively unknown actor, probably for reasons including being able to build a franchise around a face that wasn't already connected to another role and, well, because it was cheaper that way. It looks like Warner Bros. is thinking about using that same strategy when it comes to casting the new Batman.

On Wednesday, Cosmic Book News reported that Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin was being "heavily considered" by Warner Bros. to play Bruce Wayne in 2015's Superman/Batman movie.
Regarding the new Batman, Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf, Lincoln Heights, 7th Heaven, Road To Perdition) is being heavily considered for the part and will be getting a screen test alongside Henry Cavill. Warner Bros. and Snyder are looking at somebody to play the new Batman with a reputation similar to Cavill's, when Cavill was testing for Superman. It's also said that better known actors could also be testing for the role. As filming is expected to begin in early 2014, screen tests should be happening soon.
For anyone still holding onto the hope that Christian Bale will have a change of heart and return as the Dark Knight, this should be the final sign that Warner Bros. is starting fresh here. While it would be awesome to see an older Batman deal with this young, new superhero who's shown up, it's not going to happen.

So how about those Superman/Batman villains? Do we really need another Joker movie so soon?

Cosmic Book News also reported that Warner Bros.'s decision to accelerate the journey to Justice League caused the Man of Steel sequel to get mashed together with the Batman reboot. Because of this, the Superman/Batman movie will most likely have two villains. It's no shocker that Lex Luthor will be one of them, but it's the article also reports that the Joker is likely to be the second villain.

Geez, do we really need another Joker movie so soon? When Christopher Nolan used him in The Dark Knight, it was after Nolan had patiently built up his new Batman with Batman Begins, established the hero before introducing his iconic nemesis. On top of that, we didn't get just any portrayal of the Joker — we got Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance.

If Warner Bros. is going to cram Batman AND the Joker into a movie with Superman, I don't have high hopes for the quality of the Superman/Batman movie. Warner Bros. is rushing this entire process as it recklessly chases what Marvel has done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Will 'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Hoechlin Be the New Batman? And Will He Battle Lex Luthor and the Joker? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 7/24/2013 Rating: 5

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