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Ashton Kutcher's 'The Butterfly Effect' Getting Rebooted (Probably Without Kutcher)

When you say that a movie is the best work of Ashton Kutcher's career, it probably sounds like you're trying to pay a back-handed compliment to him. Me saying that The Butterfly Effect is the best work of Kutcher's career isn't meant to be like that. I honestly think that the 2004 film is extremely underrated and extremely well put together. The Butterfly Effect was a compact sci-fi thriller that really offered some interesting takes on time travel. I actually bought the movie on DVD twice, but the second time was because I let someone borrow it freshman year of college and they never gave it back. Jerk.

Despite my praise for the movie, not a lot of people saw The Butterfly Effect when it first came out. During its entire domestic theatrical run, The Butterfly Effect only made $57.94 million, good when compared to a $13 million budget, but not enough to make a blockbuster. Regardless, there are enough people out there who thought the concept of The Butterfly Effect was enough to start working on a reboot of the movie. On Thursday, Variety reported that work has begun on reboot, with original co-director and co-writer Eric Bress writing the new script.

I'm curious to see how this project works out. For a reboot to make sense, they're going to have to get stars of a bigger caliber than Kutcher and Amy Smart, right? If not, what's the point of rebooting the franchise instead of just doing another direct-to-DVD movie?
Ashton Kutcher's 'The Butterfly Effect' Getting Rebooted (Probably Without Kutcher) Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 7/25/2013 Rating: 5

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