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Marry Me: Netflix Is Hoping to Bring Us Another Season of 'Arrested Development'

If you've got your priorities straight, you binge-watched the Netflix relaunch of Arrested Development weeks ago, and you've spent your waking hours since wondering what the future held for the Bluth family. Would Michael and George Michael reconcile? What happened to Lucille 2? Would Maebe go to jail?

Don't worry — Netflix is just as eager as you are to figure out when we can see a new batch of Arrested Development episodes. According to Variety, producer Brian Glazer and Netflix are talking about continuing the story of pop culture's favorite dysfunctional family.
Sources close to the situation emphasized that there are no active negotiations at present between Netflix and studio 20th Century Fox TV for a new round of episodes. But both sides expect a renewal to come together eventually given the success of the 15-episode revival that bowed in May. 
One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is coordinating the schedules of busy cast members – including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, Will Arnett and Tony Hale – most of whom are under contract for other TV series gigs. It’s expected that the earliest new “Arrested” episodes could be shot would be next summer.
There has long been talk of an Arrested Development movie, which a lot of people assumed would follow the fourth season of the show. I'm not surprised that Netflix would like to lock in another season before the property moves to the big screen. Like House of Cards, Arrested Development further evolved Netflix from just a streaming service to an actual content creator. If Netflix really wants to cement that transformation, it would not only greenlight another season of Arrested Development but also produce the Arrested Development movie.
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