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Is Jason Sudeikis Done With 'SNL'?

The topic of Jason Sudeikis' Saturday Night Live status has long been a popular subject at Popculturology. We probably broke down his odd behavior during 2011's season finale more than anyone else, and we've been feeding our readers whatever news we find since then.

Why the fascination? It's just unusual for an SNL star as big as Sudeikis to be so squishy when it comes to whether or not he's done with the show. Look at the big stars — the Ferrells, the Wiigs, the Fallons — they let us know when they were wrapping their SNL time up, and we got to say goodbye to them in proper fashion. If last season was it for Sudeikis, we never really got to wish him farewell.

Sudeikis sat down with Modern Luxury to discuss his SNL status (The Hollywood Reporter led us to this story, since we're not dedicated readers of Modern Luxury). Of course, the actor failed to give a definitive answer in regards to the topic, but he did let the publication know what his current thoughts on the matter were.
Although he won’t confirm that he’s made a definitive decision, he speaks as though he’s already moved on to the next phase of his career. 
“You never really leave that place, and it never leaves you,” he begins, finally letting slip: “It’s an emotional journey getting through a season, much less the final one.”
While Modern Luxury didn't coax out the answer we wanted from Sudeikis, the article did reveal that this past season's Maine Justice, the bizarre courtroom sketch set in a town with misplaced New Orleans vibes, was a sketch that he had been seeking to get on air for awhile. I really enjoyed Maine Justice the first time SNL did it with Jamie Foxx, but when Justin Timberlake took a run at it, the sketch just wasn't the same.

With the Season 39 premiere of SNL getting ever closer, Lorne Michaels is going to have to start announcing some moves for his flagship show. With Bill Hader and Fred Armisen gone, Sudekis in flux and Seth Meyers sliding over to Late Night, SNL has a bunch of big gaps to plug. On top of that, Fox is sniffing at SNL writer John Mulaney's pilot, which NBC declined to pick up. Mulaney has been seen as a possible for Meyers as both Weekend Update host and SNL head writer.
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