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Your Day in Pop Culture (Friday, June 21, 2013)

This Day in Pop Culture History
1948: Columbia Records introduces the long-playing record (LP), which sounds better than CDs cause you hear that hiss.
2006: Pluto's newly discovered moons are called Nix and Hydra. Popculturology will never forget that Pluto is a planet. Tell your kids.

Famous People Have Birthdays Too
1925: Maureen Stapleton, actress (Lonelyhearts, Airport, Interiors, Reds)
1932: Lalo Schifrin, composer (Mission: Impossible, Dirt Harry films)
1941: Joe Flaherty, comedian (SCTV, Freeks and Geeks, Stripes)
1944: Ray Davies, musician (The Kinks)
1944: Tony Scott, director (Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide)
1947: Meredith Baxter, actress (Family Ties, Family, Dan Vs.)
1947: Michael Gross, actor (Family Ties, Tremors, How I Met Your Mother, Young and the Restless) 1957: Michael Bowen, actor (Jackie Brown, Lost, Magnolia)
1967: Jim Breuer, comedian (Saturday Night Live, Half Baked)
1973: Juliette Lewis, actress (Cape Fear, Christmas Vacation, Natural Born Killers, Old School)
1979: Chris Pratt, actor (Parks and Recreation, Zero Dark Thirty, Moneyball)
1981: Brandon Flowers, singer (The Killers)
1997: Rebecca Black, singer?

Who's On What Tonight: Your Guide to Late-Night TV
LENO: Fox NFL Sunday's Terry Bradshaw, comedian Steve Byrne, musician Joseph Arthur
FALLON: Parker's Jason Statham, football player Adrian Peterson, musician Zedd
FERGUSON: White House Down's Maggie Gyllenhaal

In Theaters This Weekend
Monsters University: Monsters, Inc. is one of Pixar's most underrated gems. It would be great to see Monsters University reverse the slide the studio has been on.
World War Z: What happens when you add together an out-of-control budget, a star and a director who won't speak to each other and third-acts rewrites? Apparently an awesome zombie movie, according to early reports ...
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