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RIP: 'Happy Endings'

On Thursday, we brought you the news that time was almost up for Happy Endings, with the show's contractual hold on its cast expiring at the end of the week. After USA Network failed to pickup the genius comedy, there was still a sliver of hope that NBC or Hulu could step in and save Happy Endings.

It breaks my TV-loving heart to bring you the news that time has run out for Happy Endings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures TV has stopped looking for a new home for the series. It's over. Happy Endings is dead.

While I've joked about blaming USA Network for this, it was never their job to save Happy Endings. Sure, it was a pretty big jerk move to get our hopes up that they would save Happy Endings, only to let us down. The real culprit here is ABC. They couldn't have mismanaged the series any more than they did. They aired the first season out of order. They burned off episodes. They held a Season 2 episode for Season 3. They changed Happy Endings' timeslot so many times, it was a wonder that ANYONE could figure out when the show was supposed to air. ABC even had the nerve to start a save-the-show campaign for Happy Endings, when ABC was the very entity with the power to actually keep the sitcom alive. This one is all on ABC. Way to NBC things.
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