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Liam Neeson Takens $20 Million to Get Takened Again in 'Taken 3' ... Any Takeners?

That special set of skills that Liam Neeson always boasts about in the Taken movies apparently includes cashing $20 million checks to appear in sequels. Yup, Neeson is going to get taken for a third time, with Deadline reporting that 20th Century Fox is offering the star a hefty paycheck to return for another installment. According to the Deadline story, Neeson's character actually has a name, but we all know that everyone just calls him "Liam Neeson" when they're watching the Taken movies.

Globally, the first Taken raked in $226.83 million and Taken 2 brought in $376.14 million. It's not hard to see why Fox wants to keep the franchise going, even though I have no idea what kind of challenge Neeson will face in Taken 3. His daughter's been taken. His ex-wife has been taken. He's even been taken. Do the Neesons have a family dog? A random nephew who writers added during later seasons in order to add some youth to the cast? Maybe Taken 3 will be a romantic comedy, and the movie will be about Neeson having his heart taken by a girl he falls in love with.

Just remember, Neeson left Steven Spielberg's Lincoln and made the Taken movies while Daniel Day-Lewis wound up playing Abraham Lincoln and won an Oscar for it. Speaking of which, I would watch the crap out of a Taken movie starring Day-Lewis.
Liam Neeson Takens $20 Million to Get Takened Again in 'Taken 3' ... Any Takeners? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 6/24/2013 Rating: 5

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