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Brad Pitt Hopeful That 'World War Z' Sequels Will Become a Reality

Despite being plagued by countless issues during production, World War Z actually wound up being an entertaining zombie flick. I just saw it Thursday night, and after hearing about Brad Pitt and director Marc Forster's silent war and Damon Lindelof's late third-act rewrite, I fully expected a disjointed movie. When a film goes through that kind of trouble, it's usually easy to spot where attempted patches had been made. Men in Black 3 is a great example of that, with huge parts of the movie feeling out of place, rushed or just tacked on. It was a pleasant surprise when World War Z didn't bear those scars.

I don't think World War Z will beat Monsters University this weekend, and I'm still on the fence about whether it can top Man of Steel, but it sounds like World War Z is going to do some solid box office work its opening weekend. This is great news for Pitt, as World War Z has long been his baby, with the actor hoping to develop an action franchise for himself based on Max Brooks' novel. It wasn't a shocker when Pitt told The Hollywood Reporter that when it comes to the possibility of a sequel or two, "There is enough to mine from the book. We could barely get a fraction of the book in. So we'll see. We'll see."

Not to spoil anything here, but the ending of World War Z basically screamed "to be continued." As long as the box office numbers are there, we'll see a World War Z sequel in the future. The bigger question is whether or not Forster will be back to direct. If he and Pitt had such a rocky relationship, I'd expect a different director behind the camera for a sequel. With Pitt's Plan B Entertainment behind the franchise, he'll get to call those kinds of shots.
Brad Pitt Hopeful That 'World War Z' Sequels Will Become a Reality Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 6/21/2013 Rating: 5

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