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BOX OFFICE REPORT (JUNE 28-30): 'Monsters University' Stays Top of Class, While 'The Heat' Gets High Marks and 'White House Down' Flunks

June closed up an impressive month with one final impressive weekend, with all five movies in the top five pulling in more than $20 million. Monsters University held the No. 1 spot, adding $46.18 million to its haul. Monsters University now slides up past A Bug's Life on the all-time Pixar list. When it came to the weekend's new releases, The Heat delivered Melissa McCarthy's best opening weekend, while White House Down failed to capture moviegoers' attention.

Beyond the top five, one of the most shocking developments has to be that Warner Bros. completely pulled The Hangover Part III from theaters this past weekend. After only five weekend, the movie grossed $110.01 million, which is less than half of what either of the first two Hangover installments had made. While $110 million isn't a flop, it's still a crazy letdown for the franchise.

1. Monsters University (1)
$46.18 million ($171.01 million)
The word is obviously out that Pixar is back on the right track with Monsters University. The prequel only dropped 44 percent from its first weekend, enough to stay on top. With Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger opening up next weekend, can Monsters University hold on for a third weekend?

2. The Heat (N)
$40.00 million ($40.00 million)
Honestly, The Heat wasn't a very good movie. It reminded me a lot of Jimmy Fallon's Taxi, where Fallon was a cop and the entire time Queen Latifah's taxi driver kept getting in his way. That entire movie, I kept asking why someone didn't just arrest Latifah's character and put an end to things. I felt like that during most of The Heat. Sandra Bullock's character is an FBI agent. She has jurisdiction in the movie's case. McCarthy's character is an insubordinate cop. Suspend her. Boom. Movie over. Also, McCarthy is better than these roles.

3. World War Z (2)
$29.80 million ($123.72 million)
Brad Pitt's zombie blockbuster crossed the $100 million mark in its second weekend. Does World War Z have the legs to eventually become the actor's highest grossing movie? Mr. and Mrs. Smith made a total of $186.34 million at the domestic box office. With much of the summer still ahead of us, could World War Z even top $200 million?

4. White House Down (N)
$25.70 million ($25.70 million)
Now that we've seen what both "White House under attack" movies had in store for us, we know that White House Down didn't have what it would take to have a bigger opening weekend than Olympus Has Fallen. March saw Olympus Has Fallen open with a $30.37 million weekend, a number that Channing Tatum's White House movie fell roughly $5 million short of matching. Personally, I thought White House Down was a more entertaining movie than Olympus Has Fallen, which took itself much too seriously.

5. Man of Steel (3)
$20.82 million ($248.66 million)
In just three weekend, Man of Steel has obliterated the previous record for highest-grossing Superman movie, putting close to $50 million between it and Superman Returns. Can Man of Steel become the first Superman movie to cross $300 million?

Next week's predictions
1. Despicable Me 2
2. Monsters University
3. The Lone Ranger
4. The Heat
5. World War Z

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo
BOX OFFICE REPORT (JUNE 28-30): 'Monsters University' Stays Top of Class, While 'The Heat' Gets High Marks and 'White House Down' Flunks Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 6/30/2013 Rating: 5

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