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Your Guide to Ben Affleck Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' Tomorrow

Ben Affleck will host Saturday Night Live this Saturday with music guest Kanye West. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming episode.

Has Affleck hosted SNL before?
Yup. This is his fifth time.

What do we know Affleck from?
It seems like Affleck has been around forever, doesn't it? The actor burst onto the scene with a Best Original Screenplay Oscar win for Good Will Hunting that he shared with Matt Damon in 1997. Affleck's career got derailed after a strip of critical and box office flops, including Gigli, Daredevil and Pearl Harbor. He saw his career resurrected behind the camera, directing Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo to critical acclaim. During the past award season, Affleck took home every major award for best director despite not being nominated by the Academy, a snub that led to a groundswell movement resulting in Argo being named Best Picture at the Oscars.

Has Kanye West appeared on SNL before?
Yup. This will be the rapper's fifth SNL appearance. 

Anything we should expect from this episode?
Even though SNL fumbled political news the past two episodes, they should have plenty to work from this week. The Benghazi hearings, the AP wiretapping and the IRS scandal have created a perfect storm of trouble for President Barack Obama, meaning Jay Pharoah will probably get a sketch. 

When Justin Timberlake joined SNL's Five-Timers Club a few episodes ago, the show gave him a lavish opening monologue sketch, complete with Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin and several other members of the Club showing up to celebrate Timberlake's achievement. Will SNL do the same thing twice in one season? My guess is that the show will use Affleck's Oscar snub to build a joke about getting snubbed for the Five-Timers Club. 

This will be the final episode for impressions genius Bill Hader. Interesting fact: Stefon's first sketch wasn't a Weekend Update segment. It was actually in a sketch were he was the brother of an Affleck character. (You can check this sketch out after the jump.) With Affleck back as host, this is the perfect time for Stefon to say goodbye. There's also the chance that this is Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen's last episode.

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