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Oreo and Owl City Dunk a Winner With 'Wonderfilled Anthem' Commercial

If you were watching Mad Men on Sunday night, you probably caught Oreo's Wonderfilled Anthem commercial. Featuring a song from Owl City, the commercial ponders what would happen if you gave the Big Bad Wolf, a vampire or a great white shark an Oreo cookie. The answer? An adorable commercial and a catchy song. No one was ever able to say that about those commercials featuring Manning brothers dunking cookies.

The Wonderfilled Anthem commercial is a departure from previous Oreo ads, but right in line with the products social media-savvy persona. Remember how Oreo wasted little time capitalizing on the Super Bowl blackout with a Twitter ad? Those guys over there are smart, and the Wonderfilled Anthem commercials look like an attempt to capture social media's attention again.

Check out the Wonderfilled Anthem commercial after the jump. I'm going to go eat a few packages of Oreos now.

Oreo and Owl City Dunk a Winner With 'Wonderfilled Anthem' Commercial Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 5/12/2013 Rating: 5

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