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MY TV.COM DEBUT: You Can (and Should) Still Catch Up on 'Breaking Bad'

I have some exciting news to share with the millions of Bill Kuchman Chronicle readers out there. My first article for went live this afternoon. About a month ago, I was contacted by to explore some freelancing possibilities. I was completely floored and honored that, one, anyone out there was actually reading what I was writing on this site, and, two, that a real, honest-to-goodness website devoted to TV wanted me to write for them. I started this website because I missed writing and wanted to get back to it, so to have it turn into something beyond The Bill Kuchman Chronicle is just amazing.

It just so happened to work out that my epic Breaking Bad binge-watching project was perfectly timed to the offer, giving me the chance to make my debut while writing about a new obsession. Check out the beginning of You Can (and Should) Still Catch Up with Breaking Bad here, and then head over to to read the full article. Thanks for reading, everyone.
My name is Bill Kuchman, and I am a binge TV watcher.  
I've binge-watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This past fall, I binge-watched The Walking Dead. And recently, when I discovered that I had one massive, glaring pop-culture blind spot, a blind spot so big it was threatening my credibility as a pretend pop-culture expert, I binge-watched Breaking Bad.
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MY TV.COM DEBUT: You Can (and Should) Still Catch Up on 'Breaking Bad' Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 7/13/2012 Rating: 5


  1. Anonymous7/17/2012

    Hi Bill--
    I love that you are a self-diagnosed TV binger (they say admittance is the first step), and for openly admitting your condition, we would love to have you as a guest on HuffPost Live! We are streaming a discussion in response to Jim Pegel's article on TV binging and we would love for you to be apart of the conversation. Please email me if interested. Thanks!

  2. @Felicia: Wanna send me an email at


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