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Weekend Box Office Roundup (April 13-15)

1. The Hunger Games (1)
$21.10 million ($336.67 million)
This was a weird week for The Hunger Games. The film closed out the week by capturing its fourth-straight box office crown, but is also currently looking for a director for its sequel, Catching Fire. Based on The Hunger Games' box office performance so far, I don't think it'll matter who directs the next one — the franchise is box office gold no matter who's directing. It wouldn't be a surprise if The Hunger Games stays at No. 1 until The Avengers knocks it from the top spot in three weeks.

2. The Three Stooges (N)
$17.01 million ($17.01 million)
I got this one completely wrong. I thought for sure that The Three Stooges remake was going to fall flat at the box office. The property obviously has decades of history and fans, but I didn't think that would translate with a new cast and a modern setting. I guess the nyuks transcend the decades.

3. The Cabin in the Woods (N)
$14.74 million ($14.74 million)
Almost $15 million isn't bad for a film that was shot in 2009 and was delayed on numerous occasions over the past few years. Lionsgate is doing what it can to cash in on the Chris Hemsworth wave leading up to The Avengers

4. Titanic 3D (3)
$11.93 million ($44.72 million)
Titanic 3D jumped past American Reunion in its second weekend, dropping less than $6 million from last week. I think this 3D re-release might stick around for a bit. Even today, I was still hearing girls talk about having plans to see it during the upcoming week. Funny how Titanic holds its staying power over a decade later.

5. American Reunion (2)
$10.47 million ($39.71 million)
Through its second weekend, American Reunion is lagging behind its predecessors. By this point, American Pie 2 had already made $87.28 million (the series' second installment actually spent three weeks at No. 1 too). Providing American Reunion becomes profitable (it had a budget of $50 million), it's hard to see it finishing anywhere close to the profitability of the rest of the series.

Next week's predictions:
1. The Hunger Games
2. The Lucky One
3. Think Like a Man
4. The Three Stooges
5. Titanic 3D

Weekend Box Office Roundup (April 13-15) Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 4/16/2012 Rating: 5

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