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Picked up @FakeAPStylebook's 'Write More Good' today

The team running the newspaper industry-skewering Twitter account @FakeAPStylebook wrote a book that hit shelves today. As someone who's owned a copy of the real AP Stylebook since freshman year of college, I figured Write More Good, the AP Stylebook's Bizarro world counterpart, would be worth picking up.

Thus far, I haven't been disappointed. For my friends who work at newspapers or once worked at a college newspaper, I highly recommend Write More Good. As Roger Ebert (yes, that Roger Ebert) points out in the foreword, this book could've just been a lazy collection of tweets. Denis Leary was on Conan a few months ago gushing about how easy his latest book was to put together ... since it was just a compilation of his tweets. Write More Good is better than that. The book is written as if it were an actual stylebook with glossaries and breakdowns of different situations journalists might encounter. From the section entitled Sex: Ew:

It might be tempting to write about people who work in sex industries, such as prostitution or pornography, in negative terms. After all, their careers have low social status and are official disapproved of, if not outright illegal.
Bear in mind, however, that people in those industries are paid better and enjoy more job security and respect from the general populace than you do. Also, your primary reason for existing is to justify charging people for ads for auto dealerships, while their work actually brings a smile to people's faces. So think about that, buster.

Truth facts? Perhaps. Thankfully Write More Good gives us the chance to laugh at our situation. That said, if you haven't spent time as an insider in the newspaper world, this book probably isn't for you.
Picked up @FakeAPStylebook's 'Write More Good' today Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 4/06/2011 Rating: 5

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